Here at SYG we have designed the space and Food to highlight our passion for Asian cuisine and culture. The menu is crafted to be shared with good company, we suggest you select a couple from each section and enjoy!


Moo Ping Skewers -Thai street food style pork gf /df 3 pc – 9

Shaved Wagyu Sirloin, banh hoi noodles, lemongrass, nuoc cham gf/df 2pc – 12

Hiramasa Kingfish, green scud, laksa oil, coconut gf /df – 18

Mooloolaba Prawn Toast, gochu mayo, sesame df 3pc – 12

Miso Glazed Eggplant , sesame, furikake – 10


Tom Kha Mussels – fragrant coconut broth, fresh herbs gf /df – 24

SYG Sweet & Sour Pork, pineapple caramel gf /df – 26

Spicy Chicken Larb, mint, cashews, roasted rice gf /df – 24

Roast Sweet Potato, salted coconut sambal, herb salad gf /df – 22


Pressed Lamb Shoulder, sour peanut relish, radish, cucumber gf /df – 36

Heavenly Beef, wu-tang sambal, fried egg, thai basil df – 32

Aromatic Red Curry of Confit Duck, kaffir leaf, shallots gf/df – 34

Wok Fried Veg, rice noodle, tamarind, chilli, peanut gf/df – 26

Ora King Salmon, coconut, ginger & turmeric curry, gf/df – 34


House made Roti – 6.5

Steamed Rice gf /df – 3

Wok tossed glory, chilli, garlic, oyster sauce gf /df – 12

Spicy Green Papaya Salad, dried shrimp, peanuts, tamarind gf /df – 9


Burnt Honey Panna Cotta, black tea, sesame, plum – 14

Mango Jelly, Coconut sorbet, roasted white choc, kaffir, Macadamia gt/df – 15

SYG Ice Block, dragon fruit, coconut gf/df – 4.5

Karate Kids

Teriyaki Chicken – 12

Grilled Fish – 12

Sweet & Sour Pork – 12

All are served with a side of steamed rice & snow peas


Vanilla Ice Cream with pineapple caramel – 5

*A 15% surcharge will apply on public holidays, thank you for your understanding

Banquet Menu

A menu crafted to be enjoyed in good company & high spirit – 49 ea.


Moo Ping Skewers, Thai street food style pork

Shaved Wagyu Sirloin, banh hoi noodles, lemongrass nuoc cham

Hiramasa Kingfish, green scud, laksa oil, coconut


SYG Sweet & Sour Pork, pineapple caramel

Roast Sweet Potato, salted coconut, cashew sambal, herb salad


BBQ Sovereign Lamb Shoulder, sour peanut relish

Ora King Salmon, coconut ginger & turmeric curry


Steamed Rice

Wok Tossed Glory, chilli, garlic, oyster sauce

Spicy Green Papaya Salad, dried shrimp, peanuts and tamarind

Tasty Drinks

Hotel Georgia – GIN, almond, lemon, orange blossom water, egg white, nutmeg – 17

Wong & Palmy – GIN, S.Y.G. kaffir vermouth, lemon, palm sugar, white peppercorn, coriander – 15

Dragon Fly (courtesy of the keefer bar) – GIN, dragon fruit, sake, lemon, ginger, magnolia bark – 15

Shanghai Social – Kettle One VODKA, dry curacao, lime goji berry, ginseng, pomegranate – 16

Pablo surfs in Nias – TEQUILA, dry curacao, lemon, caramel, ginger, ginger salt – 16

HADOUKEN! – TEQUILA, mezcal, lime, agave, Thai basil, bubbles – 16

Miso Korny – BOURBON, miso, coriander seed, mandarin, pop rocks – 16 

Kopi Time – BOURBON, vodka, vanilla, Vietnamese coffee, espresso – 17

Pandan Old Fashioned – RUM, tamarind, raw sugar, bitters, pandan extract – 17

S.Y.G. Pina Colada – Same, same, but different … delicious! – 17


Lavender Lemonade

Hibiscus soda

SYL Pina Colada

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